Knowing what is true for you

14 January 2013

The Way of Inner Guidance – Knowing What is True

In accessing inner guidance, it is important to know how to listen without fear, and how to trust what one is hearing, sensing, or feeling. This allows the gentle message of the soul to plant itself in the heart, creating a sense of “rightness” which becomes the basis for acting.


Soul Purpose and Intuitions of the Future

It sometimes happens that one must wait many years for a soul-aspect or aspect of soul purpose to reveal itself. This often occurs when world conditions must arrange themselves in a particular way so that one is called into service only at that time.


Listening Within: The Awakening of Intuition

We live at a time when the capacity to hear God’s voice speaking within heart and mind has become greater, due to the intensification of light within the physical plane. As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual path, the way back is more possible than ever before given a wish to return, and given time and attention paid to the voice of an inner knowing that may have previously been rejected.


Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment

‘Alignment’ is a practice which allows us to participate in the greater life of the spiritual universe by reaching toward the higher dimensions of light and by bringing light through from these dimensions into the physical reality in which we live. As we do this, we become more able to commune with God’s love, light, and truth, and more able to experience ourselves in the larger context of the soul that we are.


Developing Your Inner Spiritual Guidance

As the world becomes more connected through the technologies of communication, it is also becoming easier to become disconnected from our own selves. The necessary quiet time that develops our natural connection with intuition and spiritual guidance is no longer easily found. Living with an awakened inner guidance offers us the opportunity to experience a new creative dimension of life, and develops the precious gift of discernment, allowing us to see clearly what is true and what is not.


The Path of the Heart

The path of the heart is the path of life itself, and all souls are on it whether they are conscious of this or not. If we are open to life’s teachings, we will travel this path without difficulty and without confusion, for it will lead us from love to greater love both in terms of our understanding and in terms of our experience.



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