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When I am available on Skype,you can talk to me directly. I can answer you query’s and direct you to readings that will answers your questions. My Skype name is caitlin.clairvoyant 1

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I believe that with the right spiritual guidance and support of tarot readings that important insights can be gained which can lead to life changing results.
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Divine My Soul Workshop

Week End Retreat..

Archway House

A Hunting lodge, and a beautiful fairy land.
Later a school and now 2 dwellings. Built 1844.
By Hurst and Moffatt for the Duke of Portland.
Gothic style.

An amazing space for spiritual exploring


Professional Spiritual Guidance

I am an adept Tarot Reader with 32 years of knowledge, qualifications and a high level of experience in all areas of the intuitive realms. I offer genuine, personal, compassionate and empowering readings with quality, personal services, that are cost effective and in depth.

Clairvoyant & Psychic Readings

I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsenttience,  Clairempathic, I  see what you can not yet see, and what is subtly taking place in your life.  I  give you spiritual information that will help you make those difficult decisions. A reading with me  gives you insight and  confidence to be open to new possibilities and open to new choices. Get a reading here

Over the past two years I have been writing and developing a variety of workshops for my clients to enjoy. I have been asked many times for self development advice and how to nurture such developments. Here is the first in a series of 7 that can be purchased from the on-line shop.


The Divine My Soul Workshops© are varied in their content and range from Understanding Your Divine Soul to Learning the Tarot. Each workshop has been developed so that the maximum benefit will be had and each session can be used in combination with the one to one mentoring sessions that are offered as part of the workshop.

These one to one sessions will be undertaken through Skype, face to face, and by telephone.

Being part of the workshops you will get full access to the Peer Support Group on the website which will enable your support, development and learning.
The first part of the course comes in a 4 part 70 page manual e-book which will be yours to build on when you decide to take part any of the other workshops.
There is a 7 places per workshop for the 12 hour mentoring programme with me and if you are wanting to join the Divine My Soul community and develop your psychic nature you are not alone.The human race as a whole, over the last ten years or so, has been awakening at an astonishing rate. We are finally acknowledging our spiritual rights to fully be ourselves and to combine energies with the energies of the world. We are not just three dimensional beings…we are so much more!

To join the community of

The Divine My Soul Students

order a workshop on line now.

“Need a reading check the new phone number below.


Psychic Awakening

Everywhere on the planet right now, Psychic’s are awakening to faint memories of why they came to earth. They hear an inner calling that can’t be ignored.... 

13 May 2015 read more »

Understanding your Psychic Nature

I have developed my understanding of the Tarot continuously  for 33 years and it has given me an incredible insight of the Sentinel Beings we all are. The power... 

15 June 2014 read more »

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